Recently we know that the whole world is fighting against this pandemic disease known as “Corona Virus (COVID-19)”. Everyone is taking measures to get rid of that disease. However in China from where this virus was originated has been controlled up to a great extent. Wuhan was the first city of China where this virus was discovered and in a couple of months this virus has spread all over the world. China has loss considerable amount of people while fighting this virus whereas majority of them got cured and healthy again. But in other countries the outrage of Corona Virus is still in motion.

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COVID-19Different countries are still unable to find the cure for this disease and working hard in fighting against this Corona Virus. The outbreak of this virus creates a disaster all over the world. However in Italy 500+ people are dying on daily basis. Not just Italy it also includes Spain, Iran, USA etc. Even USA is struggling to get rid of Corona Virus by taking precautionary measures as much as they can. Recently USA has a higher no of count of people effecting with Corona Virus. But still no one managed to prepare vaccine or antidote to kill that virus and stop the spread of this pandemic disease so far.


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Speaking of different countries even UK lies in the top countries which has a vast no of cases not just infected but also with the death counts. People are dying day by day, with a little ignorance this virus will take your life. UK Prime Minister got infected with Corona Virus and has been hospitalized after keeping an eye in intensive care unit now he has shifted to another ward as he is better now. So the point is how we can save ourselves from this pandemic disease. It’s not that difficult but not easy as well. We have to follow the guidelines which WHO (World Health Organization) advises all over the world. First of all let’s talk about the symptoms will then go for precautions. Following are the symptoms according to WHO:

  • Cough
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Pain all over the body

If a person experiencing above he/she must immediately consult to his/her doc and perform the necessary actions as advised. Also you have to isolate yourself from others. Following are the precautions that can save you from this virus:

  • Wash Hands 7 to 8 Times a Day
  • Avoid Hand Shaking
  • Avoid People Gatherings
  • Use Your Elbow When Cough
  • Wear Surgical Mask (if you have a flu)
  • Boost your Immune System By Taking Balanced Diet
  • Avoid Touching your Face, Nose & Eyes
  • Avoid Going Outside

By taking the above precautionary measures one can lower the risk of Corona Virus up to great extent. In the above measures its best to avoid going outside but if something that is important than you may go by taking precautionary measures.

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